Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

(Managed Recruitment Services)

STM offers the most comprehensive recruitment process outsourcing services. We deliver the precise, customized blend of people, process, and technology to your talent acquisition function and align those services with your corporate business objectives to ensure you have the right people to grow your business. Service excellence is the foundation to service delivery and our client teams have extensive experience delivering recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), recruitment training, background screening, and recruitment technology.

STM esteems itself in Recruitment Process Outsourcing support and establishes the following solutions to meet your needs:

  • Dedicated account team, consisting of an Account Manager and Client Relationship Manager(s) who will consistently support the client Hiring Managers throughout the duration of the RPO relationship
  • Recruiting and sourcing specialists who will use basic and advanced sourcing capabilities, including the use of major and niche job boards, social networking, ATS and resume database mining, cold calling, direct recruiting, industry outreach and more to provide the client with a pipeline of candidates
  • Scalable resources that will provide sourcing expertise and transactional support, including resume review, interview scheduling, phone interviewing, hiring event logistics, offer processing, pre-employment screening (wherever applicable) etc., to ensure that hiring activity is effectively supported
  • A well oriented recruitment and hiring process, from job profiling through the entire recruitment process to new-hire on-boardingA customized technology solution utilized by STM as the RPO-enabling system of record that shall be used to track and report on the hiring process from end to end.

STM, a professional provider of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services, shall undertake delivery and accountability of entire recruitment function for its clients, from requisition to on-boarding. As an RPO partner for our clients, we act as the company’s internal recruitment function and takes entire responsibility of outcomes.
Salient features:-

  • Single point of accountability for recruitment.
  • Dedicated specialist recruitment team without the headcount cost on balance sheet.
    Effective, Scalable and Flexible solutions aligned to meet changes in demand.
  • Improving quality, candidate and customer satisfaction.
  • Reducing HR and Hiring manager time spent on recruitment to focus on more consultative/strategic activities.
  • Leveraging supply chain benefits & best practices across our RPO client base enabling continuous improvement.
    More value for every Rupee spent on recruitment.
  • Transparency and control through recruitment metrics and analytics.
  • Innovation and continuous improvements.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

In addition, we will also undertake qualification checks with tertiary institutions, credit and criminal record checks. The entire process is relevant Labour Legislation compliant. The production of a short-list is only part of the process for our team. They will facilitate the interview process to its conclusion. To this end they provide guidance and support to your hiring managers during the interview process. Reference checking is an integral part of our process. Our belief is that a candidates historic behavior patterns are likely to be repeated. To this end we undertake comprehensive reference checks to validate our interview findings. The thoroughness of the process reduces, significantly, the likelihood of any surprises once a candidate commences duties and therefore reduces the risk inherent in every new hire.

Benefits of Hiring Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

  • Ability to Measure the Activity – Provides an opportunity to manage by the numbers (such as time to hire, candidate flow, screenings, interviews, etc.)
  • Cost Reduction and on Demand Service — RPO can accommodate your needs on your timetable and minimize your recruiting costs and business headaches
  • Improved and Relevant Reporting — Ability to better manage the recruiting efforts in real time by using information that matters
  • Optimize the Best Technology — Eliminates the need to update existing systems or make a sizable investment in acquiring a new one
  • Enterprise-Wide Coordination — Reduce confusion and add efficiencies by keeping candidates, hiring managers and executives well informed
  • Predictable and Reliable Results — Take the guess work out of recruiting functions and gain more control over planning, forecasting and budgeting
  • Uniformed and Centralized Process — Provides a consistent approach to recruiting that applies to all team members, at all levels and in one location
  • Broaden the Talent Search — By increasing your reach you can attract a greater range of candidates across more areas (regional, national and even internationally)
  • Compliance — Meet industry and governance regulations
  • Dedicated and Knowledgeable Professionals — Let the experts perform their magic to find you the best talent, and reduce unneeded stress and additional work for your managers and key employees